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24th Jun 2021 - 4th Jul 2021 - Ended
Handcrafted Stadium Models

A collection of 92 English Football League grounds and Wembley Stadium from the 1980s

Handcrafted Stadium Models
This fascinating collection is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. 93 retro football stadium models are on offer in this once-in-a-lifetime sale.

Every single stadium was handcrafted by John Le Maitre in the 1980s using traditional modelling techniques and materials, including cork stands and a felt pitch. He appeared on Blue Peter with the collection on 8th May 1986.

These models capture a nostalgic snapshot of an iconic era in football and present a rare opportunity to memorialise some of the long-lost stadiums of English football, with 38 of the 93 grounds no longer in existence.

Wembley Stadium

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