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Partner Auctions

Graham Budd Auctions is one of the world’s leading specialist auctioneers of sporting memorabilia with superior expertise in football, cricket, tennis, horse racing and many other popular sports. As well as our extensive knowledge in the sporting memorabilia market, we have vast experience in facilitating professional partner based auctions.

At Graham Budd Auctions, we offer a full range of professional auction and valuation services.
  • Professional assessment and valuation
  • Detailed cataloguing of all items and creation of online catalogue
  • Curation of additional items if required
  • Facilitate the full online live bidding experience
  • A dedicated PR, marketing and social campaign to drive online bidders
  • Organise payment and shipping of all items

Case Study

Liverpool FC - Melwood Training Ground - Melwood Memories Auction

Graham Budd Auctions has partnered with Liverpool FC for two auctions, the most recent of which being a collection of items from their famous Melwood Training Ground. We generated over 74,000 hits to the online catalogue, with the total sale revenue just shy of £500,000.

You can browse the collection from this auction and each item’s final sale price here. Such was the success of our marketing campaign to engage interest beyond the traditional auction audience, that many of the hammer prices exceeded the estimated auction values.

Giving Back

Graham Budd Auctions has the sports and entertainment industries at its core and is heavily invested in seeing the grassroots of these sectors thrive. As part of Graham Budd Auctions' growing investment, we have identified a unique opportunity for clubs, organisations and associations to use our knowledge of sports memorabilia and our vast experience in the auction industry to raise funds and give back to future generations.

The sports memorabilia industry has exploded in popularity in recent years. In today’s market, material relating directly to famous sporting celebrities, clubs, and occasions are the most highly sought-after, offering fans and collectors alike the chance to forever capture those iconic sporting moments.

The Future

For auctioneers, technology is revolutionising the industry and diversifying the world of collectors. With the ability to reach a global audience, uncover hidden collectors and a new generation of memorabilia and pop culture items, the evolution of the marketplace has never been more exciting, with Graham Budd Auctions at the heart of it. Where are we going? The vision of Graham Budd Auctions is to become internationally recognised for our innovative auction events, attracting thousands of collectors, investors, fans and enthusiasts from around the world.

For further information about partner auctions, please contact Adam Gascoigne directly via email at

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