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Golf Memorabilia

Golf Memorabilia

“Unlike the stars of other sports, golf’s great ones inhabit a world we readily recognise. With no stadium walls to separate us, we share their stage with them; they go about their work while walking among us, dressed in casual Friday clothes. Physically they conform almost exactly to our idea of average while at the same time embodying an irresistible human ideal - the unyielding pursuit of perfection, and its occasional attainment, under pressure that could crush a nuclear sub.”

- Mark Frost, The Greatest Game Ever Played

We have extensive experience in dealing with golf memorabilia items including:

  • Autographs
  • Books
  • Decorative Works of Art
  • Ephemera
  • Equipment
  • Kit & Clothing
  • Medals
  • Photographs
  • Programmes
  • Tickets
  • Trophies & Awards

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