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The Difference Between Prints & Multiples

Graham Budd Auctions offer some of the most sought-after art on the market, including prints and multiples. In the art world, prints and multiples are related terms, but they refer to different types of art objects.

Prints: Prints are works of art created through various printmaking processes, such as etching, lithography, screenprinting, woodcut, or linocut. In these processes, an artist first creates a design or image on a matrix (such as a metal plate, stone, or woodblock), which is then inked and transferred onto a surface, typically paper. Prints are produced in limited editions, meaning a finite number of impressions are made from the matrix. Each print in an edition is usually signed, numbered, and sometimes titled by the artist. Edition sizes can vary, but smaller editions are generally more valuable due to their scarcity.

Multiples: Multiples, also known as artist's multiples or editioned sculptures, are three-dimensional art objects produced in limited editions, similar to prints. They are typically made using materials such as metal, plastic, or ceramic, and can be created through a variety of methods like casting, fabrication, or 3D printing. As with prints, multiples are produced in a limited quantity and are often signed, numbered, and sometimes titled by the artist.

Putting it simply, the primary difference between prints and multiples is the medium and format: prints are two-dimensional works on paper created through various printmaking techniques, while multiples are three-dimensional, limited edition art objects made using different materials and processes. Both prints and multiples are offered at more affordable prices than unique pieces and therefore, offer collectors a more accessible way to own original artworks by renowned artists.

Head of Art at Graham Budd Auctions, Kevin Turton, shares his thoughts on the significance of prints and multiples in the art world: "At Graham Budd Auctions, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse and dynamic selection of artworks, including prints and multiples. These art forms not only make collecting accessible to a wider audience but also showcase the incredible creativity and skill of the artists who create them. We invite collectors and art enthusiasts alike to explore our offerings, and we're always here to assist and guide you on your journey through the fascinating world of prints and multiples. We believe that every piece of art has the potential to inspire, and we look forward to helping you discover the perfect addition to your collection."

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