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Liquid Gold

Our Head of Whisky, Martin Green, reveals the most valuable whiskies that could be lurking in your drinks cabinet.

1. The Macallan-Over 50 year old 1928: estimated auction value £70,000-£100,000

This is a rare bottle which originally retailed for £110 in the early 1980s. Only 500 bottles were released onto the UK market at the time - as you can imagine many have been drunk. Bottles of this year of distillation have very seldom been seen at auction or at retail since the turn of the new Millennium.

2. Bowmore Bicentenary,1779-1979: estimated auction value £2,500-£3,500

A Bowmore bottled to celebrate the 200th-anniversary of the distillery, with a limited release of 22,000.1 love the unusual bottle design which is based on a very old hand blown bottle held in the distillery archive and replicated for this run.

3. The Macallan Private Eye 35th anniversary: estimated auction value £4,000-£5,000

In 1996, to commemorate its launch in 1961 Private Eye commissioned a special bottles by Macallan to be made available to its readers with a label designed by Ralph Steadman. The bottles contain whisky that was distilled in the year of Private Eye's founding vatted together with a number of other Macallan casks. 5,000 bottles were issued for sale at £36 a bottle. Each bottle was individually numbered. Macallan Private Eye is one of the most sought-after bottlings of Macallan, despite being a no age statement bottle.

4. Black Bowmore, 1964: estimated auction values: 1st edition, bottled 1993: £15,000-£17,000; 2nd edition, bottled 1994: £12,000-£15,000; 3rd (final) edition, bottled 1995: £12,000-£15,000

These are iconic bottlings, the colour of the spirit speaks for itself. The spirit was matured in Olorosso sherry casks which gives it its dark, rich colour. Only 6,000 bottles were ever produced for the UK market, which is why it's in demand now.’’

5. Springbank Local Barley, 1966: estimated auction value, £2,500-£2,800

Distilled in 1966 and bottled in April 1998 after 32 years of maturation in an ex-bourbon cask. Springbank distillery released several cask bottlings from this year, each bottling has the cask details and number printed on the colourful, very appealing labelling.

6. Glenmorangie 22 year old, 1 1963: estimated auction value £1,800-£2,000

First distilled in 1963, it was aged in oak for 22 years with a final finish for a year in Oloroso sherry casks. The Glenmorangie was released onto the market in 1985, the first expression of a vintage Glenmorangie to appear on the open market.

7. Glenfarclas, 1961: estimated auction value £1,200-£1,600

Look out for this early vintage Glenfarclas, released prior to the more commonly-known and exclusive Glenfarclas Family Casks Vintage range. The Speyside whisky distillery is in Ballindalloch.

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